Product ID 367-M

New reproduction chrome shifter knob for 1967-71 A-body and 1966-70 B-body vehicles. Replace your old, damaged, or worn out shifter knob with our reproduction made to fit like original. This shifter knob comes with a chrome finish, a metal button and is made to fit with original or aftermarket reproduction levers.


Shifter knob is original for 67-68 A-Body and 66-68 B-Body, but will fit the later years as well.

Product ID 009GS
This is the Chrome Part That is Below the Plastic Grip Handle.
Product ID 008GS
This is the Upper Chrome Bezel That Fits at the Top of the Pistol Shifter Above the Plastic Handles.
Product ID 010GS
These Reproduction Pistol Grip Shift Pattern Inserts Fit in the Upper Bezel of All Pistol Grip Shifters. When Ordering, Please Specify What Style Pattern from the Following Choices: 3-Speed, 4-Speed, 5-Speed, 6-Speed w/No Reverse, 6-Speed w/Reverse Forward by #5, 6-Speed w/Reverse Back by #6, Auto Pattern (P R N 3 2 1), Reverse Auto Pattern (P R N 1 2 3), New Challenger & Charger Black Disc with No Writing.